I've never met an attorney as committed to his clients as Mr. Lloyd. I can tell how passionate he is about helping people. He's sees the best in people and provides hope to people. Thank you Mr. Lloyd for all you do!


Angela S.

Andrew Lloyd is an exceptional lawyer and person. Not only is he an expert on the Law but he has that special ability to communicate and persuade DA's/Judges by paying attention to all the details, keeping focused on what is important to his client/DA/Judge and getting his points across without confrontation. In addition he does not charge exorbitant fees nor does he under quote the anticipated overall cost. Andrew wants more than just a good legal outcome, he also wants to help you recover and change/improve from whatever you have done and he'll take steps to insure that happens. You can't go wrong choosing Andrew Lloyd to represent you.

Bill P.

I first met Andrew Lloyd when a coworker of mine hired him to help him with a very unfortunate situation. He was so helpful and effective that we referred him to several other people to resolve long-term outstanding legal issues.

Everyone we have referred him to agrees that he stands out from most defense attorneys. It is very obvious that he personally invests himself into every client. He doesn't nickel and dime clients like so many other attorneys. He gives you a fair price, works with you on the payment and never abandons the client. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs to resolve any legal issue.

Cindy R.

I met Andrew Lloyd when we needed to help a family member in very difficult legal situation. Andrew was extremely thorough and he treated us all very respectful. Andrew explained everything to us, what we should expect in the courtroom, how we should present ourselves in front of the judge, etc. He not only told us what was going to happen but, he listened extremely well to our situation and when it came time to represent us, that's exactly what he did, he represented US in a way that was easy-to-understand and made sense to the court about our troubles. The outcome of the case went far better than we could've expected. We are extremely grateful to Andrew Lloyd!!

David S.

Andrew is a consummate professional, well regarded and admired in his profession and in the community for his years of experience and dedication to helping people. Andrew's work ethic, professionalism and compassion have a way of putting things into perspective that help bring out best possible outcomes for his clients. Highly recommended. Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer.

Kaitlyn P.

Like many people, when an unfortunate mistake landed us in legal trouble, we were completely blind-sided and at a total loss as to how to navigate confusing and dangerous legal waters. We talked to a few lawyers, but never felt a personal connection; even in a frightened haze, we couldn't get past the feeling that we were only a dollar sign to them and that whether or not we could actually trust them would always be in question. Coincidence led us to Andrew Lloyd, and after our first meeting we knew this was the legal representative we wanted. Mr. Lloyd has heart, and you can feel it. He cared about not just the legal outcome of our case, but also about our general well-being.

There is no doubt in our minds that his extensive experience in the Orange County legal system, and his dedication to our case, led to far more favorable results than we could have expected with another attorney. Sitting in the courtroom we were able to watch other attorneys present before the judge, and Andrew always stood out among that crowd as the most gracious and professional defense attorney in the building.

If you are searching for an attorney, I can only suggest that you allow yourself the opportunity to talk to Andrew and feel the gentleman out for yourself, to get a sense of the personal connection he affords you and the way he will represent you to others. It will be time and an opportunity well spent.

Lisa C.

Mr. Lloyd is a great attorney and person. He is an expert in the legal system and the law. Yet is very caring and concerned about his client and their family. He is able to take a bad situation and turn it around and use it for your good. (He told me that on day one and it was true). He is available 24/7 and he does call you back.  He goes above and beyond what is required. He also prepares you for each step of the process. I have recommended him several times as I can not speak highly enough of Mr. Lloyd in all aspects of my interactions with him.

May Y.

Mr. Lloyd was referred to me by multiple people who told me that his experience and relationships within the Orange County court system would give me an advantage that is well worth my investment. With his help i have been able to move on with my life and continue advancing in my current career.

Tim W.

The best thing my family could have ever done for me after I was arrested was to hire Andrew Lloyd to defend me in court. Mr. Lloyd treated me with dignity and took personal interest in my case. He made himself available when I needed him and helped me protect my family.  If it weren't for Mr. Lloyd, I would still be fighting for my freedom behind bars. Thanks to him, I am home supporting my family and able to move forward with my life.

Todd S.


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